Upholstery, cushions and textiles are the business cards of a luxury yacht. The first impression is crucial. Only one-of-a-kind quality can emphasize the quality of the ship and tantalise the senses – and all this on a continual basis when exposed to wind, water and sun.

We ensure this quality. For initial installations we act as a discrete partner to the designers and realise your designs with precision – placing the highest of demands in terms of design and material. When refitting, we bring our wealth of experience, in support of both captain and crew.

Every cushion and decorative element is produced as a made-to-measure, one-off piece, using traditional craftsmanship. From the finest leather to exquisite cashmere, every high-quality fabric and material imaginable can be processed. We do not place any limits on our customer’s desires. And the result is always unique.

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Our 24/7 service means that manufacturer quality is immediately available, worldwide.

· Manufacturer quality for initial installations and refits
· Upholstery, cushions and decorative items for both internal and external furnishings
· Precise adherence to building regulations and individual performance requirements for owner’s
cabins, guest cabins and crew quarters
· 24/7 worldwide instant service

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