Solar Solve Marine is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of specialist, retractable, antiglare roller screens for ships navigation bridge windows.

SOLASOLV® sunscreens were specially developed to create a safer, more comfortable working environment in the navigation bridge. The compact anodised aluminium cassette provides protection from salty conditions and damage, whilst the clear advantage of the high performance, technologically-advanced shade film is it’s ability to combine transparency with low visible light transmission – combining sunlight control with a constantly clear view.

Benefits of SOLASOLV® are clear

Improved Visibility and  Safety – glare is reduced by up to 93% to ensure clear visibility and safer navigation. SOLASOLV® ensures true color rendition so navigation marks and objects can be easily identified. 

Reduces Eye Strain – the problem of glare and reflection on electronic charts is eliminated. Low sun and its reflection on water and ice can be hazardous and uncomfortable. SOLASOLV® helps to eliminate these problems. 

A More Comfortable Working Environment is Created – 87%* of the sun’s heat is rejected which helps to keep the crew alert, maintains work rate and reduces the risk of fatigue. The high percentage of heat rejection can also help to reduce air-conditioning requirements and therefore save fuel. 

Reliable Performance – SOLASOLV® screens have a proven track record for outstanding performance since 1988.

 *maximum benifit can only be archieved by installing SOLASOLV® screens at all windows.

SolarSolve certificate 2013 2015