A perfectly fitting, comfortable and highly functional interior determines the individual character of a yacht just as much as the outside appearance or size. The company Claus Bruns based in Bremen-Lesum/Germany has been dedicating itself to the exclusive outfitting of vessels with total dedication, passion and a great sense of style for more than 40 years. Creating and realising coherent upholstery concepts with a special touch on yachts of various types and sizes is the family company’s main focus. Tradition meets innovation at Bruns.

The company was founded in 1971 by Claus Bruns, an experienced interior designer and master saddler. Initially engaged as an employee, he later decided to carry on his professional career independently. Shortly after the founding of the company in Bremen-Vegesack, Claus Bruns established contact with numerous shipyards and other companies involved in the maritime industry in Bremen-Nord, so that outfitting ships with upholstery, cushions, carpets, curtains and other textiles quickly became the company’s main focus.

Claus Bruns was able to steadily expand the business over the years. He moved to the current site in Bremen-Lesum in the early 80s. After Claus Bruns passed away in 2009, Gaby Kluczny-Lührs who previously worked for Claus Bruns as an employee took over the company. Gaby Kluczny-Lührs with the support of her husband Udo Lührs and son Florian Kluczny-Lührs succeeded in further expanding the company, increasingly positioning it in international markets.

Today the company Claus Bruns enjoys an excellent reputation in the international shipyard and yacht community. It works together with numerous renowned designers. Thanks to the wealth of know-how, company employees also advise their customers directly on many occasions, responding to their requirements and wishes in detail. Original equipment is offered as well as refits.

The company Claus Bruns produces its goods in manufactory quality, which means the professionalism of the company has long since exceeded the status of a conventional craft enterprise but nevertheless continues to fabricate everything with precision manual craftsmanship. Repeatedly driving innovations, the outfitting specialist combines highly robust foam materials with each other for yacht upholstery of extraordinary quality. The company also fabricates decorative cushions to match the upholstery, equipped with special weights by request. This ensures that the cushions cannot go overboard during light seas and wind. All hand-crafted upholstery, covers and cushions are supplied in their own bags and can be stowed in them again when not in use. Each ship’s crew is provided with a handout recording the positions of all upholstery and including care instructions.

Rain covers, pedestals, ship mats and other yacht textiles can be ordered from us as well. Consistent labelling of the upholstery, covers and cushions combined with an ordering and warehousing system for replacement fabrics and a 24-hour emergency hotline underscore the company’s full service which is virtually unrivalled in the industry.
Work is carried out at workstations with the most modern equipment to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Highly trained employees in various trades receive regular continuing education. In addition to production, they are also engaged regularly in the new and further development of upholstery, cushions and other interior design concepts without disregarding the roots of the classic upholstery trade. As we said: Tradition meets innovation at Claus Bruns.

Customers who wish to obtain more detailed information about the product and service portfolio offered by Claus Bruns are welcome to visit us at our showroom in Bremen-Lesum. We will also gladly come on board ship for a consultation.




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