The incomparable zigzag pattern is characteristic for the famous, traditional Milan fashion house. After bringing extraordinary textiles into your home since 1983, the “master of colour” now also takes them on board your yacht. Nature, fantasy and geometry provide the ideas for a collection that harmonises inspiration and technique.

Missoni Home Kissen Gemustertes DesignPhoto credit: Missoni Home

Experience the unique furniture of the Missoni collection and enjoy the explosion of colours, patterns and luxurious textures. Cheery stripes, graphic patterns and elegant motifs with precious orchids or colourful butterflies effuse a lively and warm ambiance, both indoors and outdoors. Fascinating designs that combine art, tradition and prestige lend the final touch to your yacht.

Missoni Home Hocker Puff Pouf Zylinder Gemustertes Design

Missoni Home Vinci zylindrischer Puff Pouf HockerMissoni Home Decor Deko Kissen Hüllen Design Muster und Santiago Puff PoufPhoto credit: Missoni Home



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