Nothing changes a room as effectively as hand-picked fabrics and well selected accessories. In our in-house sewing studio we are specialized in turning our customers' ideas into reality. Our high quality processed cushions for the interior and exterior of a super yacht underline the homely ambience and provide for highest comfort.

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Exclusive in material and processing

After the fabric selection, all preparations for the manufacturing process are made in the sewing studio. The pattern of the fabrics for the handmade cushions plays a decisive role, as well as their later position outdoor or indoor. Our fabric suppliers provide different fabric qualities for this purpose. Whether main deck or salon, from the wide range of colors and designs, the fabrics can be selected which harmonize perfectly with the upholstery.



During the detailed planning, the focus is not only on style and individuality, but also on form and functionality of the cushions. The fabrics are selected according to the strictest quality criteria. The number and size are determined as well as the place where the cushions will later be positioned. The innovation of Claus Bruns yacht equipment are specially developed cushions that do not change their position even in light wind and swell. These cushions for the exterior of the yacht are equipped with a weight-bearing core, which ensures that each cushion maintains its position. Visually indistinguishable from the cushions for the interior, both versions offer the highest level of lying comfort.

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An elaborate design process for each cushion in small handmade pieces now follows. For a harmonious and coherent overall picture, the repeat of fabric patterns is taken into account. For this, experience in craftsmanship and the right eye for the perfect arrangement of the patterns is essential. Our studio works with the most modern tools and the expertise of our employees is always kept up to date.

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Artistic craftsmanship with sustainability

On request, we embroider the cushions of a collection in our in-house studios with a variety of motifs in a wide range of colors. Our expertise ranges from the emblem of the luxury yacht to elaborate drawings, logos and lettering. In addition to the highest quality standards in manufacturing, sustainable action and work is an essential aspect of our company. Therefore our high-quality cushions are delivered in matching protective covers made of fabric, which of course also carry the emblem of the owner or the logo of the yacht.

The cushions of Claus Bruns Yachtausstattung are characterized by the following special features:
        • Materials from all over the world: most exclusive, hand-picked fabrics
        • Design and function: weight-bearing core for cushions in outdoor areas
        • Manufacture and craftsmanship: precision work through experience and expertise

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Excellent service

In an extensive and detailed documentation we note the number of cushions and their exact placement on board. This information is an important tool for the crew in their everyday life. In addition, they enable a quick and uncomplicated reordering in case of loss of a cushion. In our archive we keep all fabrics of a production including all design data for replacement deliveries. Thanks to our first-class service 24/7 we are able to deliver additional cushions or replacement cushions in the shortest possible time.

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Handmade cushions for the interior and exterior of a yacht have a decisive influence on the well-being of the owner and guests due to their exclusive look and feel. The highest quality fabrics from various regions of the world and meticulous detail work in manufactory quality guarantee exquisite comfort and the highest functionality.

PlatzhalterbildIn our sewing room and studios, products are created for eternity. We are at your service 365 days a year your site and are at your disposal around the clock. Please contact us personally!


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